AND what is love?

So I’m really not into poetry stuff much, but i was googling up NARS Modern Love Palette(which turns out to be of 55$ – Ouch!), and i came by this. Reading it, I fell in love. Thought I’d share it with everyone.

“AND what is love? Is it a doll dress’d up
For idleness to cosset, nurse, and dandle;
A thing of soft misnomers, so divine
That silly youth doth think to make itself
Divine by loving, and so goes on
Yawning and doting a whole summer long,
Till Miss’s comb is made a pearl tiara,
And common Wellingtons turn Romeo boots;
Then Cleopatra lives at number seven,
And Antony resides in Brunswick Square.
Fools! if some passions high have warm’d the world,
If Queens and Soldiers have play’d deep for hearts,
It is no reason why such agonies
Should be more common than the growth of weeds.
Fools! make me whole again that weighty pearl
The Queen of Egypt melted, and I’ll say
That ye may love in spite of beaver hats.”

– Modern Love, Keats

John Keats' Death Mask - Photo Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images Europe

Isn’t it beautiful!? Thought so.

Now back to the Modern Love Palette by NARS

NARS Modern Love Palette

I think this palette has all the neutrals any girl could desire. 😦 The shades are called Alhambra – Shimmering Peachish Rose, Jezebel – Shimmering Reddish Brown, India Song – Shimmering Golden Brown, Tokyo – Silverish White, Habanera – Sparkling Plum & Pandora – Matte black

All of them are so beautiful, it is to die for!

Does any of you own NARS Modern Love Palette?


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