NOTD – Feeling Blue? Don’t need to!

So I was feeling a lil blue lately, well not anymore when I came home only to find that Mom has got this lovely new blue dress waiting ready for me. 😀 What’s better than a new dress the day before you have to go for the movies! That just chased all my blues away! 

That’s when I decided to do some thing on my nails with this really pretty shade of Sweet touch Nail Enamels in Deep Turquoise. You should all know by now how crazy I am about nail art. And as it turns out, the color did go perfectly with my new dress! I couldn’t be happier! Here’s what I did:

Blue Nail Art with Sweet Touch in Deep Turquoise

Things you’ll need:

  • Sweet Touch Nail Enamel in Deep Turquoise (Or any other color/brand)
  • Sweet Touch Nail Enamel in White
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Black Out
  • Sweet Touch Nail Enamel Top Coat
  • 0-1 Size Pain Brush


Well it’s really simple once you get down to it. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Apply turquoise(any other color) nail enamel diagonally at the tips of your nails, completely covering the out grown part. Let it dry.
  • After that use 0-1 size paint brush and outline that part with white nail color, try to keep the lines as steady as possible. Make another diagonal line leaving some space in between, this one will be smaller than the first one.
  • Use black nail color with the paint brush to draw parallel line to the white ones. Let it dry.
  • Apply top coat to secure the nails. And Voila! 😀

Hope you guys liked it! 😀


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