Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick Review

Guess what I found today while I was out shopping, Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick! 😀 I saw these sleek but chic looking things on the stand and grabbed them instantly!

Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick swatch on bare lips

I have to say I’m quite pleased with it, thought I won’t categorize it as a lip STICK, it’s more like lip GLOSS! I got it in 566 Blazing Gold. Its a pretty beigey-gold colour with very fine bronze/gold particles in it. On the lips its a pale bronze – it looks very pretty and the shimmer makes it look really glossy. Unlike most glosses, this doesn’t feel greasy at all. It’s smooth, shiny & glides on perfectly too, which I didn’t really expect by the look of it. It comes in the following beautiful shades:

  • 504 Magic Moon
  • 510 Magic Pearl
  • 514 Cosmic Pink
  • 522 Rose Star
  • 530 Lunar Lilac
  • 534 Pink Vibration
  • 538 Vibrant Violet
  • 542 Vibrant Wine
  • 546 Silver Rose
  • 550 Vibrant Fuchsia
  • 560 Ivory Star
  • 566 Blazing Gold

Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick in Blazing Gold

One of the main reasons why I bought it is the innovative packaging. It really did catch my attention! It comes in a long silver metallic looking tube, which is actually plastic. It has a clear window in the middle that shows the colour of the gloss. There’s a twist pump at the the end of the tube which makes tiny clicking sounds as you rotate it, and the gloss comes out of the slanted tip with tiny holes at the other end. It’s kind of hard to get used to the mechanics of it, but you’ll soon learn just how many clicks you need to get the perfect amount out!

It lasts a long long time and mantains all it’s shine, provided you’re not one of those people who constantly lick their lips. 😛 The consistency is fairly thick & gel like, which is not too sticky, the smell is non existent. If you apply a lil bit of it, it gives a rather subtle dewy look, but if you build up it gives a high watery shine with a sheer tint.

Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick in 566 Blazing Gold


  • Long lasting.
  • Nice finish with fine shimmery particles.
  • Easy & controllable application.
  • Great range of shades.


  • I noticed it started loosing it’s color after an hour or so, leaving behind just a plain colorless gloss. :/

Over all I would say I’m rather pleased with Maybelline Water Shine Elixir Lip Stick. It’s available at many places where Maybelline items are sold. I will definitely be buying more of these glosses, as I have only one at the moment in Blazing Gold.



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