Noxzema Deep Lathering Cleanser Review

I was going through this disastrous acne phase, and this was my savior! 

I read and heard a lot of good things about this cleanser, but I was kinda doubtful about it in the beginning. Then disaster struck! And I was helpless about my sudden outburst of acne. And as my last resort I got Noxzema Deep Lathering Cleanser. And I’m so glad I did!

Noxzema Deep Lathering Cleanser

I have to say I really love this cleanser, it does what it promises, cleansing your skin deeply with it’s rich foaming lather, and your skin won’t even dry out by using this. And the best part is it didn’t break me out at all, in fact it started soothing my acne, and within two days I could really feel the difference it made 😀

It cleanses effectively with it’s foaming lather, washes out easily leaving no residue behind, doesn’t break out skin at all. It tingles on the skin mildly and smells like fresh mint, which might get a lil over powering at times. So I would suggest you smell the product before buying it.


  • Clears up Acne.
  • Freshens you & your skin!
  • Makes skin soft and smooth.


  • Cloying minty smell.

I got it for 349PKR in a 207ml tube, which is pretty affordable considering the size, from Teem Mart.  I will definitely repurchase it!



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