1 min guide to smelling yummy! Black Vanilla Body Splash Review

Caution: You might wanna eat yourself up! 😛

I decided to do this review, because surprisingly I couldn’t find a single one of these. Considering the quality and availability of the product, I was hoping to find the review streams full of these. Anyways, let’s get it on with.

Black Vanilla Body Splash from Body Luxuries – Signature Collection, has to be by far the best smelling body splash/mist that I’ve ever came across. These come in an impressive range, all fruity and flowery fragrances, all natural. You can check out the complete range of body splashes at dearbody.com

They also have a lot of bath & body products, which I’m planning to try out next.

Our exclusive Black Vanilla fragrance is a tantalizing scent that transforms Madagascar vanilla into pure glamour. Lightly spritz our Black Vanilla splash all over your body, it gently moisturizes your skin and refreshes your senses, leaving skin beautiful & fragrant. 

Black Vanilla Body Splash by Body Luxuries - Signature Collection

The fragrance of Black Vanilla Body Splash is so light yet enticing. My sister spotted this on the shelf when we were out shopping, and we both loved the smell, so we got this to try it out. It landed right in our daily use drawer, and we haven’t regretted getting it one bit. You can apply it all over your body, as it’s delicate enough to be used on sensitive skin. And the fragrance lasts a good 4-5 hours, considering it’s a splash, that’s good lasting power.


  • Yummy fragrance.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Wide range to choose from.
  • Long lasting on skin.


  • This is such a humble product, I can’t think of any cons. Except that maybe they should put a lil effort in marketing & packaging.

Splash it all over your body every morning to have a refreshing rise! Trust me, you’ll fall in love with it! 😀

It comes in a 236ml spray bottle, and is available at every cosmetic shop. We got it for 200PKR from Tariq Road.

UPDATE: I got 3 more of these beauties, check them out here.


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