Sunsilk Co Creations Hair Fall Solution Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Sunsilk Co Creations Philosophy:

Enriched with Soya Vitamin Complex, it gently cleanses weakened, easily broken hair while reinforcing the tresses from root to tip.

Nourishment from root to tip.
Strengthening every inch of hair.
Formulation for visibly less hair fall.

Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Nourishing Conditioner & Shampoo

My Experience:

When I first got these, I was impressed by them. The Sunsilk Co Creations Hair Fall Solution Shampoo comes in a sleek looking golden bottle & the Conditioner comes in a golden tube. The fragrance of the shampoo and the lather, both were very pleasing. But after a month of use I started noticing that my hair felt very rubbery & frizzy, and comparatively less smooth than with other hair products I’ve used. Here I must say, that all my early life I’ve used one or another shampoo from Sunsilk. But somehow, I’m not so impressed by them anymore.

The consistency of the formula’s is nice and lathers well with your average amount of product + water. They even smell nice, in a not so chemical way, which is how most hair products smell. But they to leave my hair drier than before, causing frizz. I didn’t notice any betterment in the hair fall issue, although the conditioner seems to make hair more manageable, causing less breakage.

Sunsilk Co Creations Hair Fall Solution Shampoo & Conditioner



  • Rinses out very easily.
  • Lathers very well. So a little goes a long way.
  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Pleasant Fragrance.


  • Creamy consistency, coats the hair well.
  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Helps in making hair tangle free and hence reduces breakage.



  • Makes hair brittle & dry.
  • Does NOT help hair fall, as claimed.


  • Does not have any effect on frizz

Overall, the shampoo & conditioner set in terms of basic cleansing are not bad, in fact I think they clean hair very effectively, but I don’t think these are made for me. I got them for 170PKR each. I don’t think I’ll be buying them again, even though my Mom’s still using the Co Creations product line by Sunsilk.



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