Guest Post – Green Beauty

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Hello ladies,

Beauty is all about being healthy and I’m always trying to pursue a healthier lifestyle so while I was doing some research online I found out that some cosmetics and beauty products might cause cancer and have some elements that are just not good for you. Whatever you put on your body it gets absorbed by your skin and I’m not talking just about make up but every cosmetic product. Some of these products may cause allergies so it is very important to know what you’re buying, read the labels so you can look for ingredients that are not harmful for you.  Here’s what to avoid:

  • Parabeans – They have chemicals that are harmful for you.
  • Fragances –This have thousands of unknown chemicals that can be toxic.
  • Bezene – This can be carcinogenic.
  • Amonnia – Found in hair dyes.
  • Phenylenediamine (PDD) – Found in hair dyes and this can be deathly because it is toxic to the immune system.

There are a lot more chemicals that can be harmful for you but this doesn’t mean that we have to give up on make up what we can do is to opt for more natural ingredients or organic products.

I found a website Lovin Eco where you can purchase only organic or vegan products, there I found some brands of organic beauty products. I’m not gona lie I am not vegan and my beauty products are not organic but since I heard about this I’m seriously thinking on switching to more natural products after all, everything you use, your body absorbs it and I really don’t feel like getting disgusting chemicals on my system every time I apply lipgloss or lipstick.

If you are concerned about the materials on the cosmetics you use you can check for the ingredients and see how harmful they are on this site .

Eco Bella Lipsticks

During my research I found Eco Bella. And I loved their lipsticks, they have beautiful shades. I can’t wait to order one. They also have body lotions and skin care products. There you have it ladies, remember that being healthy is chic.

By: Chick LifeStyle



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