Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Review – Honey & Aloe Cucumber

Want baby soft skin? What’s better than something from Johnson’s & Johnson’s to give you just that! You can choose from delicious flavors like Honey, Aloe Vera & Cucumber.

Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream:

Johnson’s & Johnson’s recently launched this new budget friendly product line that provides you with excellent moisture for both your face. It’s a rich moisturizer that absorbs easily while leaving your skin silky soft, smooth and hydrated all day long!

I got two of these:

  • Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Honey
  • Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Aloe & Cucumber

Johnson's Moisturizing Cream Aloe & Cucumber and Honey

My Experience:

I got the Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Aloe & Cucumber first, and I loved it so much that I decided to try Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Honey as well. It’s designed to make your skin soft & smooth, and that is exactly what it does! It’s a great moisturizer, especially in the dry winter weather, when dry patches seem to appear out of nowhere on your face and you only seem to notice them after you leave home! It keeps my face moisturized through out the day without being greasy at all.
It has a light texture, gets absorbed fairly quickly and easily. The Aloe & Cucumber one has a light subtle scent that is very refreshing, where as the Honey one has a slightly stronger sweet fragrance, which some people might not like.

Johnson's Moisturizing Cream Aloe & Cucumber and Honey


  • Effectively moisturizes skin.
  • Stays put through out the day.
  • It works well before applying any makeup, to avoid making your face look patchy in winters.
  • Smells lovely, you might wanna eat it. Looks lovely too!
  • Doesn’t break you out.
  • Not at all greasy.


  • Comes in a jar. I find jars annoying and messy.
  • I was a lil disappointed when I flipped over the jar only to find it has a big inwards curve, which means it only looks big, you get a relatively less amount of product in actuality.

Johnson's Moisturizing Creams

I really really love these, especially Johnson’s Moisturizing Cream Aloe & Cucumber. I plan to keep on buying these for all my life. 😛 Even though both my jars are almost full, at least the honey one is. I got them for 245PKR each, in 170g jars, from Teem Mart.

I will give these 5 BeautyBalls, I’d give more if I could. 😀


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