Guest Post – Wonders of MakeUp

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Hello ladies!!

I’m excited about writing my second post here for and today I’m going to share my favorite make up tricks with you, now I’m not a makeup artist but every girl should know how to get the most out of her makeup, right!. Makeup can work wonders if you know how to use it right and most important if you know how to work with your features.

Here I marked a photo of a model to show you how to enhance your face features. The light color represents what we need to highlight and the dark color represents where we need to apply bronzer. So after applying foundation, I highlight my eyebrows, my nose, my chin, my upper lip and my lower lip. Then I apply bronzer on my cheekbones and I highlight just above that.

Highlighter & Bronzer Technique

To make my nose look smaller I highlight the nose and I use my eyebrow pencil to darker the sides of my nose then I set it with powder this way my nose will look smaller. I use my eyebrow pencil because my eyebrows are very light but if this is not the case you can use foundation or eye shadow one tone darker than your skin. I like to work with pencils because it is just easier to work with for me.

To enhance the look of your eyes highlight your eyebrows and your eye’s inner corners, this will draw light to your eyes making them brighter, curl your eyelashes, this will make your eyes look more open and finally apply mascara and dark eyeliner on the outer corner of the eyes. For a pouty mouth I apply concealer on the corners of my lips, I highlight my upper and lower lip, I apply lipstick on and I darken a little bit at the border of my lower lip then I put lip gloss on.  This gives volume to the lips making them look bigger.

There you have it ladies I hope my tips are helpful for you.

Stay beautiful and chic,



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