NOTD: 5 Nails of Christmas – Day 4

Okay so here I am with another nail art in “5 nails of Christmas”, I know it’s kinda late, but it’s been a crazy time.

I did this French Manicure with Christmas decorations for Day 4, take a look:

French Manicure with Christmas Decoration Nail Art

I used green crystals and red nail polish to decorate the french manicure. And I love how the green crystals look like shining christmas baubles. 😀

Coming up soon with the last day in 5 Nails of Christmas. Stay tuned 😉


2 comments on “NOTD: 5 Nails of Christmas – Day 4

  1. These are pretty~! It makes me want to sing Jingle Bells….XD I think that’s a good thing. The bows remind me of poinsettias. I am looking forward to the 5th day of nails. I have enjoyed the showings so far. 🙂 Joyeux Noel~ Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks 😀 Your appreciation means a lot to me!
      Now that you’ve mentioned it, they do look like poinsettias! 😛
      I hope you’ll like the 5th day too!
      Merry Christmas to you as well! 🙂


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