NOTD – PowerPuff Girls Nail Art

Powerpuffs save the day,
Fighting crime, trying to save the world,
Here they come just in time,

The Powerpuff Girls

Hahaha, I was a complete PowerPuff Girls freak when I was younger. I had everything PowerPuff related from pillows to bed sheets, to wall clocks to photo frames. And not to mention the various sized stuff toys of those damn girls lying around my room. 😀

Hereby, I present the PowerPuff Girls Nail Art I did:

PowerPuff Girls Nail Art

PowerPuff Girls Nail Art

It took me more than 2 hours, and over 10 different nail colors, I even had to make my own green nail polish by mixing yellow and blue because I realized I’m out of green when I was half way through the nail art.

And here’s the proof that these are NOT STICKERS! Do not call them stickers or they’ll beat you up like Mojo Jojo! Lol 😀

Blossom, Commander and the leader.
Bubbles, She is the joy and the laughter.
Buttercup, ‘N’ She’s the toughest fighter.


PowerPuff Girls Nail Art

So how do you like my PowerPuff Girls? 😀

This post over at All Things Gemma inspired me.


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