10+ Reasons not to date a Musician… and counting!

After much success of 35+ Reasons not to date a Photographer… and counting!, I feel entitled to present 10+ Reasons not to date a Musician… and counting!

And this implies to all musicians, wanna-be musicians, under-process musicians.

Without further ado:

  1. You can never understand their “level” of music.
  2. They listen to weird artists and songs, whose names you haven’t even heard.
  3. Even worse, they make YOU listen to weird songs.
  4. They’re all bloody lazy. There is no other word to describe them. They show up late at everything, only work a couple of hours, and expect everything else to happen miraculously.
  5. If you switch a song they like, you’re in for trouble.
  6. They make weird sounds along with every song that’s playing, so mush so that you never really get to enjoy any music at all.
  7. The artists you like? Your favorite songs of the season? Well they’re all an embarrassment for the REAL music industry.
  8. They’d prefer spending time with other musicians, than going on a date with you.
  9. Their jamming sessions are endless. Don’t ask them when they’ll be back!
  10. The music you listen to lacks “soul/feel/etc”.
  11. And if you happen to be with one of the wanna-be musicians, oh well, good luck trying to get him into his senses that musicians are well, born musicians.
  12. Last but not the least, you have to lie to them. Because if you say you don’t like a particular song that they apparently love, then your standards of art will be judged.
  13. They will only catch their BIG BREAK and become famous after you’ve split up!
  14. Update: The drummers are the worst by far, they make constipated faces while playing!

Dating a musician seems like some totally exciting thing to do, but trust me the EXCITING part wears off pretty soon. 😛

Is there something you’d like to contribute to this list?


20 comments on “10+ Reasons not to date a Musician… and counting!

  1. Well how mesmerizing it may be yet love is a distraction. And since you’re a student of advertising you should know that we’re the ones who invented it. Remember the famous chocolate campaign and the whole valentine fad! Yup that was all a huge marketing gimmick!

  2. Seriously! You promote beauty and watch Dexter. Now is it just me or there’s something really wrong here. Anyways I’ve got a suggestion. Why don’t you run a top 10 list stating the reasons not to date Dexter. Now that’ll be something to look forward to so best of luck.

    • Well, for the record I like all disturbing shows and movies. And Dexter is on top of my list right now, so, as tempting as your suggestion is, I don’t think I wanna make that list. :p

  3. tbf,8 is as wrong as wrong could be.

    plus, a musician’s really anyone who plays an instrument and creates music. don’t need to be ‘born’ with it for that.

      • so, if you can’t play the guitar, and someone teaches you four chords, and you write some lyrics which then you spoken-word sing over those chords, you’ll have a song.

        would you be ‘born’ with then or would you just have learnt to write music? some people have an innate sense of melody, that’s true, but music actually is more than just about melody. it’s about structure as well, and that’s something you actually learn over time by listening to and studying different sorts of music.

        • In that case, the teacher might have trained you, but you certainly had it in you already! 😛
          Studying different types of music might help, but it can’t CREATE a musician! 😛

  4. Another bad trait most musicians have is self absorption. The only thing that matters is what they’re doing. Forget about the fact that you’re writing a book, they’re recording a new album of going on tour.


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