Etalage – An eclectic clothing brand from Lahore

Mesmerising colors and elegant cuts is what this brand is all about. A touch of sequins here, a dash of color there and you get something unique out of it, just like the brand itself!

Etalage‘s Philosophy:

The idea behind Etalage is; “Less Is More” which is why the cuts, lines, colors and the overall outlook of our outfits is toned down, subtle and elegant. Our primary aim is to make clothes that are very practical yet trendy at the same time. 

Meet Sidra and Amara:

Amara - Owner of Etalage

Amara – Owner of Etalage

Sidra - Owner of Etalage

Sidra – Owner of Etalage

Etalage is the brainchild of Sidra Rana and Amara, two very talented and beautiful young ladies from Lahore. They both come from diverse backgrounds, having expertise in the field of textile, business studies, fashion design & literature. The team behind Etalage is a fusion of contemporary and old-school principles, which is reflected in their designs. They know how to make the clothes look flattering and how to play the colors right!

As working, independent women they believe and live by the words:

Don’t be into trends. Don’t let fashion own you. But you decide who you are; what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace

So we shot some questions to Sidra and Amara, and here is what they had to say:

What’s the story behind the brand name?

Well, the name itself is derived from a french word that means ‘to showcase/show window’. What we had in mind when we started Etalage was to create a lifestyle that is affordable yet appeals to the aesthetics also. Hence, we didn’t want to limit the brand name to just one thing and what is more diverse than a ‘show window’?

Name 3 celebrities/designers, local or otherwise, that have been your fashion idols?

We are especially fond of Shehla Chatoor’s use of silk and like any regular pakistani woman, love the way Mahira Khan carries herself simply but so elegantly. And last but not the least, we believe Victoria Beckham to be the ultimate style icon.

What is the next milestone for your brand?

Well, speaking of milestones, we are now working on a new line that will focus solely on formal wear. The key idea is to revive the cultural identity of a ‘desi woman’ as we feel there is nothing more appealing than chooridars, angrakhas and gota kinari when it comes to our traditional parties and events. We aim to achieve this by amalgamating certain western cuts in a very ‘desi’ fashion.

And then of course we are more than just excited to share that we are looking forward to a Fashion Show in NYC real soon Insha’Allah.  *fingers crossed*

Etalage – SS Collection ’13:

Let’s have a look at their latest collection which features Faiza Chaudhry wearing some really classy jumpsuits:

Etalage Giveaway coming up soon! Stay Tuned!



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