Veet Celebration of Beauty 2013: The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

To say that the event was an improvement from the 2012 version would be a vast understatement. Not only was it much larger in scale, it also had added features this time around. The Beauty Awards segment specifically added much value to Veet Celebration of Beauty 2013 by turning it into a star-studded evening.

Needless to say; the Pink Carpet, as they like to call it, saw quite a number of celebrity appearances. From models to actresses, from singers to designers, all were in attendance. Some basking in their glory, while others wilted like a bunch of flowers unkempt.

Hence, I decided to compile a list of the best-dressed beauties and the worst dressed beasts.

Let’s start off with the BEAUTIES, shall we?

1.    Nadia Hussain

Oh Nadia, why you so divine? She was spotted gracing the pink carpet of VCB2013 in an outfit by the much renowned designer line; Sana Safinaz. Her ornate jewelry complimented the ruffled olive gown very well, so did her subdued makeup and side-swept hair.

2.    Sana Sarfaraz

She might be the new girl on the block, but she knows what she’s doing and she does it right! Sana Sarfaraz wore a neon green silk gown by Sana Safinaz, with an enormous black bow that cinched up the fall. Her Grecian braids were complimenting the outfit beautifully.

I’ve got to say this; she’s almost unrecognizable from the time when we used to study together. But girl, you’ve turned out to be a beauty!

3.    Humaima Malick

This beauty was just so breathtakingly gorgeous up-close that you just had to fall in love with her! Humaima wore an emerald green silk gown by Layla Chatoor and jewelry by Sherezad. She won the very well deserved award for the Best Smile. However, I do believe that she didn’t need all that makeup to cover up what is already a beautiful face!

Plus points for her sister Dua, who bears a striking resemblance to Humaima, so much so that you do a double take when you first see her. Dua wore a full-sleeved net dress by Mango, and looked like an adorable little carbon copy of her elder sister.

4.    Ayyan

No fashion/beauty top list is complete without this goddess. Ayyan wore a figure hugging beige gown by Nomi Ansari, and I believe she’s the only one who could’ve done justice to it. With that heavyset choker necklace and those soft lose curls, Ayyan looked gorgeous.

5.    Fouzia Aman

The bold and the beautiful is a title I would give to Fouzia. She wore a navy blue one-shoulder dress by Zaheer Abbas. The slicked back hair and those perfect legs on show really did make her stand out from the rest at the pink carpet.

6.    Sara Loren / Mona Lizza

If I look past the fact that she just changed her name because a numerologist told her to, I can come to terms with the fact that Sara Loren did look hot at the VCB2013 pink carpet. She was sporting a metallic gold embellished gown by Shehla Chatoor. What really caught my attention was not her bare back, but the gold entwined snake on her shoulder! However, a little effort on hair and makeup would’ve been appreciated. Also, a smile never hurts anybody.

7.    Mehwish Hayat

To say the least, Mehwish surpassed my expectations. I wonder where she had been hiding all that beauty for all these years. Mehwish donned an HSY creation at VCB2013. The intricate gold bodice, the pastel green flowy gown and the front bangs, all suited her so much that she actually did looked deserving to be ranked the 9th sexiest woman of Asia (2008).

8.    Aamina Sheikh

Elegance, pure elegance, is the word that comes to mind when you spot the model come actress; Aamina Sheikh wearing the soft pink outfit that Nabila chose for her. From the pearl accessories to the box clutch, everything was depicting the tastefulness of the stylist.

9.    Ayesha Omar

Not a big fan of her, except for the sitcom Bulbulay (yes, I’ve watched that more than a couple of times), but I have to admit that Ayesha Omar did look beautiful in that pastel green printed one-shoulder dress by Élan. The hair up-do only added to her grace and so did the soft makeup.

10. Moomal Sheikh

The last one on this list, but not the least in any aspect. Just when you started thinking that the pink carpet was getting a tad bit monotonous with all those gowns and dresses, Momal turns up wearing a soft pink hi-low top paired up with white skinnies by Amna Aqeel. She looked lovely posing with her father Javed Sheikh.

Stay tuned for the beasts! The worst dressed list coming up soon!

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