Veet Celebration of Beauty 2013: The good, the bad and the downright ugly! Part: II

After featuring the best dressed beauties at VCB2013 (click here to check them out!), I felt obligated to put the worst dressed out there too!

Therefore this is a continuation of the much praised previous post. And now without further delay, behold the BEASTS!

1. Amna Ilyas

I’m sorry but what was she thinking when she picked up that shiny red mini dress with awfully frilly sleeves from Sadaf Malaterre? I’m a fan of Sadaf Malaterre’s design house generally, but that abomination would only look good on a hooker.

2. Rubya Chaudhry

Somebody needs to tell this one that showing your legs just doesn’t cut it anymore. She’d better stay on the ramp if she’s going to stroll on the pink carpet wearing such ensembles.

3. Mathira

And not a single f*** was given that day by Mathira. Why she even showed up at the event was beyond me. She looked utterly bored and utterly unflattering, not that she has ever been flattering, in that royal blue button-down shirt and the pinstriped white pants.

4. Sana Nawaz

What is that monstrosity?

5. Nida Yasir

From the weird cut of her shirt to the fluorescent color, everything was just painful to look at.

Closing off with the IN-BETWEENS – The ones that didn’t quite make it!

Syra Yousuf

She ended up looking quite average for such a pretty girl. The outfit by Sania Maskatiya didn’t do much for her; neither did the dead straight hair, last time I checked straight hair wasn’t even in fashion!


I didn’t know there was a disco after-party, unless I missed the memo? Sadaf wore Nomi Ansari, however, the sequined bodice and the numerous animal printed flairs were seemingly out of place at the event.

Nadia Ali

The backless red dress? The non-existent lipstick? The smoky eye look? It all added up to a rather unflattering combination that could’ve been made better in uncountable ways. Perhaps she should’ve started off with picking an outfit that complimented her size zero figure?

Mehreen Raheel

Some might disagree, but the pastel double shaded gown by Maheen Karim was rather out of shape. It’s something a 40-something should’ve worn, not Mehreen. She looked so lovely from the neck up, that it’s a shame she wore what she did!

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