Dove Bloggers Meetup – #Dovefillinthegaps

When I first got the invitation from Dove & Golin Harris for an exclusive sneak peak of their upcoming product range Dove Damage Solutions – Intense Repair with Keratin Actives, I was quite excited to find out what they have in store. I have previously tried the Dove Hair Fall Rescue range and found it to be satisfying, so I was eager to discover what had they come up with this time around.

Dove Bloggers Meetup:

Firstly, I would like to thank the team at Dove and their PR agency Golin Harris for arranging a fun and informative evening at the Rain Tree Spa for the very limited beauty & fashion bloggers fraternity here in Karachi. I specially enjoyed playing Jenga with my fellow bloggers and finally defeating the other team! I was quite surprised that they came up with a game that linked to their campaign so beautifully.

Lubna Lakhani – founder of Rain Tree Spa and the Dove brand team held a very informative session about hair damage and how to control it; explaining in detail how each hair shaft is build of a layer of cuticles, and if not taken care of properly, the shingles start deteriorating which results in damage.

After that they had a twitter activity planned in which all bloggers had to tweet a couple of famous beauty/hair related quotes and ask their followers to fill in the blanks. I was lucky enough to win that competition as well! Fingers crossed for receiving my prize from Dove! 😀

All in all, it was a fun evening, in the end we all got out free product samples to try out exclusively before they were rolled out into the market.

P.S. Dove is giving out FREE samples on their Facebook page, so be sure to visit it and get yours!


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