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Hey and Welcome to BeautyRush.co!

I’m a freelance writer obsessed with everything beauty 😀 BeautyRush.co is an outlet to share my views and opinions with other beauty addicts and consumers.

BeautyRush.co features product reviews, makeup tips, personal experiences and tutorials on a fairly regular basis.

All articles and reviews published on BeatyRush.co are my own, honest and uninfluenced. I am not affiliated or linked to any of the brands mentioned on this blog, nor am I paid for publishing any featured content. Most products are bought with my own hard earned cash, on occasions where a product has been sent to me, it will be disclosed. The products recommended on this site are the ones we feel deserve the highlights. On the flip side, if a product doesn’t work for me, it could be for a number of reasons. So please keep in mind what doesn’t work for me could be perfect for you.

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