BeautyRush Team


I’m someone who loves caffeine, colors, colognes, creativity and everything in between.

I’m an obsessed extremist. I love you or I hate you, there are no in betweens in my life.

Apart from that I’m the Editor and Beauty Blogger here, scroll through this blog to read some of my articles & reviews. During the day I’m a Creative Advertiser, covering all aspects of Advertising, Communication, Web & Social Media.

I like to hide shiny things behind the bed.

I over-think stuff, I obsess until thing’s are perfect, I make mistakes, and I fix them. I constantly want to be better than I am.

Sometimes I’m a free lance do-gooder.

Once upon a time, people used to call me “The Claw”


I’m a makeup muncher, and I always secretly wished, I was born a red-head. But it’s okay, hair-dyes help! 😉

When I grow up I want to earn Bournville, instead of money, lots of it.

I love collecting fur-balls, because they are people from my planet. Shh, Don’t tell!

I covet perfumes & mascaras.

I’m small but deadly, so you better stay away from my makeup stash!



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