Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yoghurt Shampoo Review

Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yogurt Shampoo for Long Hair:

With natural extracts of Strawberry & Yoghurt, Boots Ingredients Shampoo is specially formulated to calm frizz and condition your hair, whilst leaving it straighter and smoother.

My Experience:

I looooooveeeee how this makes my hair smell. ❤ So yummy, like strawberries, of course. 😛 A lot of people find the packaging nice, but somehow i don’t find it very attractive. 😦 Even though I love the product itself, I have long hair that almost go down till my waist, and  Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yoghurt Shampoo makes them sooo soft and smooth. Continue reading


Animal Obsession + Ankle Boots by Roberto Cavalli!

I am positively in love with anything that’s animal print! From my splash page to desktop, to anything animal print that my eye falls on! I just can’t get enough! Continue reading