Dove Intense Repair with Keratin Actives Review – #Dovefillinthegaps

Initially I wasn’t quite sure whether to switch to Dove Damage Solutions – Intense Repair with Keratin Actives range or not. Mainly due to the reason that I’d been using TRESemme hair products for quite some time and had gotten so used to it that I was quite reluctant to change. However, I now stand corrected and would advise you all to try this range out if you have damaged or prone to damage hair. Continue reading


Dove Bloggers Meetup – #Dovefillinthegaps

When I first got the invitation from Dove & Golin Harris for an exclusive sneak peak of their upcoming product range Dove Damage Solutions – Intense Repair with Keratin Actives, I was quite excited to find out what they have in store. I have previously tried the Dove Hair Fall Rescue range and found it to be satisfying, so I was eager to discover what had they come up with this time around. Continue reading

Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yoghurt Shampoo Review

Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yogurt Shampoo for Long Hair:

With natural extracts of Strawberry & Yoghurt, Boots Ingredients Shampoo is specially formulated to calm frizz and condition your hair, whilst leaving it straighter and smoother.

My Experience:

I looooooveeeee how this makes my hair smell. ❤ So yummy, like strawberries, of course. 😛 A lot of people find the packaging nice, but somehow i don’t find it very attractive. 😦 Even though I love the product itself, I have long hair that almost go down till my waist, and  Boots Ingredients Strawberry & Yoghurt Shampoo makes them sooo soft and smooth. Continue reading

Beauty Products Hunt: Today’s Shopping List!

So here’s what I’m going to buy today. It’s mostly essentials; things like shampoo, SPFs and deodorant, but no matter what I’m going to get, shopping gives me this rush of satisfaction that nothing can beat. 😀 Does it make you feel the same way? That moment when you know your cash is well spent on things that’ll make you feel good! Continue reading